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The 7 Commandments: Fashion for Men

So many things go through a Man’s mind at every point in time and fashion may not be one of them. From work pressure, to Family, politics and keeping track of your favorite football team, fashion is probably the last thing you want to address or even think about.

Style indeed is a state of mind. The colors, the texture and combination. However, there are a few basic principles to looking good to which all stylish men adhere. These should be considered at all times.

Wrong belt color

Dear Men, thou shall not wear brown shoes and black belt, or vice versa especially if it’s a formal outfit. Your belt should match your shoes. They don’t have to be made of the same leather or texture.

For casual outfits, even if you are not matching the two, the colors must be compatible.

Improper tie length 

Thou shall not knot an excessively short or long tie. The length of a man’s tie is a simple touch overlooked by many. Your tie should always end at the center of your belt buckle. That full length has its own way of gracing the entire outfit.

Wearing a backpack with a suit

A lot of professionals wear nice suits and then carry backpacks! Really??? A briefcase or a comfortable messenger bag is recommended to give a more professional look.

Tucking T-shirts in

Tucking in polo shirts is acceptable, but t-shirts should be kept casual. If your t-shirt is too long then it’s probably too big on you.

Never wear wrinkled clothes

Looking like you slept in your clothes isn’t fashion forward. It’s also inappropriate for the office and will certainly not impress your date. If you take just a few minutes to iron your clothes and hang them up, then you’ll always be ready to hit the town in style.

Ensure your clothes fit perfectly

Thou shall not wear oversized or undersized clothes. If you can’t comfortably steer your car or hug your wife, then you jacket is too tight. Make sure your cloths aren’t too small or too big.

Thou shall not wear socks with sandals

Sandals are for cool comfort and ventilation so why wear socks again? It defeats the whole purpose. Dude, it’s senseless and an all-around bad look.  If it’s too cold to wear sandals, then don’t wear at all.


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