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7 ‘Suit Rules’ All Men Need to Know

Rule #1

As a general rule, a Black Formal shoe will go with nearly all suit colors. However, you can make more of an impact if you go for a brown or tan shoe when wearing either a Navy/Blue or Light Color suit. You should match your shoes to the color of your suit using this rule:

Black Suit = Black Shoe
Charcoal Grey Suit = Black Shoe
Light Grey Suit = Black Shoe or Brown Shoe
Any Shade of Blue Suit (Navy, Powder Blue etc.) = Brown Shoe or Black Shoe
Brown Suit = Brown Shoe

black shoe

Rule #2

Your belt should be fairly thin and should be the exact same color as your shoes. Black and Brown (including different shades of brown such as tan) are preferred for a corporate look.


Rule #3

If you’re going for more formal business attire, opt for a double-button, notched lapel jacket.

double breast

Rule #4

Always unfasten the buttons on your suit when you sit down. NO exceptions

open button

Rule #5

Your tie should JUST reach the waistband of your trousers or the center of your belt buckle.

tie level

Rule #6

Your sleeve cuffs should be exposed to half an inch. For a harmonious look, try to match the visible cuff length to the amount of collar that is visible at the back of the neck.


Rule #7

Never wear a Backpack with Suit, opt for a nice briefcase or a messenger bag.




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