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Afriland Properties Plc CEO, Uzo Oshogwe, Receives Thomas Sankara Leadership Award

The CEO, Afriland Properties Plc, Uzo Oshogwe has been awarded the Thomas Sankara Leadership honor by the Congress of Nigerian Youths. The award was presented by a 5-member delegation from CONYO in acknowledgement of her exemplary leadership and recognition of her contribution to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

During the presentation, the CEO urged Nigerian youths not to undervalue their role in economic development and to be good examples of the change they seek. She stated “Developed countries have leveraged youth skills development in creating stable and viable economies. This is because youths occupy a strategic position in any country’s developmental process and their contribution in the advancement of a nation can’t be ignored.

Though there are constraints in our society, youths should not underestimate their role in improving the economy and should be creative and relentless to achieve this.  

Nigerian youths should speak positive of our dear country and do what they can in their own little way. When you are corrupt in a little way, you will be corrupt in a big way. We all must do our bit.”

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