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Where Did Time Go?

You must have set a goal for yourself at one time or the other. Like lots of people, maybe you started out doing great, but then lost some of that drive and had trouble getting inspired again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Every year comes with its own wishes, plans and expectations. As we approach the end of the year, we flash back on the goals we have set. Sometimes we get so busy and 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to be enough. The question is, busy doing what?

So why do we have high expectations at the beginning of the year but then lost hopes towards the end? We all know time flies but why are we still dazed at the flight of time? Statistics have shown that only 8 % actually succeed in achieving their resolutions and year plans.

It is not over. With 31 days/ 744 hours/ 44,640 minutes to the end of the year, below are some tips that could still help you to end the year feeling fulfilled:

Was there an initial plan? Review it
Sometimes you achieve some goals without even realizing it. What are the biggest wins, loses, surprises and achievements? You need to go back to the books and see how close or far you are from the goal. After doing this, list out what is outstanding.

Write a 31 Day Plan
Try and make this in line with your outstanding goals in 1, if possible.

Set timelines
A goal without a timeline is just a dream. You need to set timelines and review daily. Where a set target fails, quickly restructure and follow through.

Don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today
In this new plan, procrastination is not an option. You have limited time and so every minute counts.

Don’t be scared to have a plan for the coming year
If you struggled to achieve your goals in 2015, don’t let that prevent you from creating a new plan for 2016. Be specific about your goals and stick to it.

It’s not too late to make that investment, buy that land, build that house, enroll for and write that exam, write that book, sing that song, become a shareholder, meet your target, approach that Mentor, take that course, and so much more.

7 Top-Selling building/construction materials in Africa

Demand for high quality commercial and residential properties continues to grow across Africa on the back of the continent’s sustained strong economic growth and rising wealth. Consequently, building and construction activities are on the rise and materials to deliver adequately are also in high demand.

If you’d like to start this business, here are a few top selling construction materials you might want to consider.

Wood is one of the oldest and most commonly used building/construction materials in the world. Despite the growing threat of deforestation, wood has remained in high demand as a building material because of its reasonable cost, availability, attractive appearance and long life (if protected from insects and moisture).

Wood used in building and construction work is commonly referred to as timber (or ‘lumber’ in the US and Canada).
Timber is sawn into planks or poles and used as supporting materials (beams and pillars), in roof and ceiling construction, door and window frames, and exterior cladding


Cement is one of the most widely used building materials in the modern world and nearly six billion tonnes of this very important commodity is produced every year. Cement is so crucial to the building and construction industry that it’s hardly surprising that Africa’s richest man, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote, is heavily invested in cement production across Africa.

Plumbing Materials

Plumbing usually refers to the system of pipes, drains, fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices installed in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of human and domestic waste (sewage).

The main categories of plumbing systems include: potable cold and hot tap water supply; drainage venting; septic systems; rainwater, surface, and subsurface water drainage; and fuel gas piping.
The common materials used in modern plumbing include copper, brass and plastic. In fact, more than 70 percent of materials used in today’s plumbing are made of PVC or PEX plastic

Steel & Metal Products
Steel and metal products are widely used in building and construction. Steel is commonly used to make reinforced concrete that supports structures in buildings, bridges, dams etc.

Steel is made up of iron combined with a small percentage of carbon. High-carbon or ‘hard’ steel is used to make tools with cutting edges. Medium- carbon steel is used for critical structural components of buildings such as I-beams, reinforcing bars and frames. Low- carbon or ‘mild’ steel is used for pipes, nails, screws, door and window hinges, wire, screening, fencing and corrugated roofing sheets

Electrical Materials & Appliances
Electrical materials are the parts and elements used in the electrical system of any building and construction project.
This includes a huge inventory of materials used to supply electric power or telecommunications to different parts of a building and will typically consist of: electrical conduits and fittings, wires and cables, explosion proof enclosures, meters, circuit breakers, connectors, and electrical products such as wiring devices (switches, plugs) and lighting (bulbs).

Glass is fast becoming one of the most preferred materials of modern building architecture. Clear windows have been used since the invention of glass to cover small openings in buildings and provide us with the ability to both let light into rooms while at the same time keeping undesirable weather outside.

Glass controls light, letting in the good rays and keeping out the bad ones; it also saves on energy costs by providing natural day lighting. As a result, more designers are finding that glass fits quite nicely into today’s green building environment.

Paints are the colourful substances applied to interior and exterior walls of buildings to make them beautiful, enhance texture and protect from cracks, wear and tear. There are paints of all colours and types in the market which typically include : emulsions (water-based paints), matte finish, gloss, varnish, enamel and lacquers.


Office Etiquette: Do It Right

You forget to put your phone on vibrate mode, and unexpectedly “Ojuelegba Remix” is blaring through the conference room. You order chicken wings for lunch, unaware that tables away, your co-workers are muzzling from the smell.

As we grow older, we become more aware of our environment.  Over time, our values and principles change, so does what the society expects of us.

Office etiquettes can be likened to dinnertime rules while growing up: Napkin on your lap, elbows off the table! Etc. I’m sure that sounds familiar.

It is about conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in the office or workplace. This speaks volumes.

Why is Office Etiquette so Important?

How you present yourself does not just affect your reputation but also your company’s image.  Some of the advantages of office etiquette are: Improved Workplace Relations, Image Enhancement, Good Rapport among Employees and Business Growth.

Some etiquette tips:


Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Be polite. Don’t yell and scream at others. Compassion and empathy will serve you much better to earn respect.

Don’t be loud or aggressive.


Don’t be late for meetings. If you’re running late, notify other attendees or the organizer on time.

Put your cell phone on vibrate mode in order not to disturb others.

Pay attention during meetings and avoid multi-tasking, such as scrolling through emails on your smart phone or computer.


Be professional when sending mails. Official emails should not be treated like personal ones.

Return phone calls and emails on time – even if only to say that you will provide requested information at a later date.

Always stick to your company’s brand guidelines. (Fonts, size, colors. Etc.)

Work Place

Keep your space professional and neat.

Don’t violate your dress code.

Respect other people’s space. Don’t just walk in; knock or make your presence gently known.

Don’t interrupt people on the phone, and don’t try to communicate with them verbally or with sign language. You could damage an important phone call.

Although the list is endless, these fundamental tips could guarantee a good impression and help build a good image.

Lagos, Abuja, PH account for 65% of real estate activities in Nigeria

Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt, Nigeria’ commercial, administrative  and petroleum industry capitals respectively, are the top real estate investment destinations, and account for as high as 65 percent of all activities  in this asset class, a report by the National Bureau of Statistics has revealed.

The report indicates that Lagos has the greatest amount of real estate activities at 37 percent, followed by Abuja with 22 percent and Port Harcourt (Rivers State) with 6 percent, all covering 65 percent of real estate activities in the country.

The trio, often regarded as Nigeria’s traditional cities, have seen increased tempo of activity in real estate development and much of the investments  that have gone into real estate in the country in the last decade were concentrated in these cities.

Nigeria has a burgeoning real estate sector, which by the GDP rebasing exercise in the country in April 2014, was discovered to be the fastest growing and sixth largest sector in the Nigerian economy, explaining the rising level of investment in the sector by both local and foreign investors.

According to the NBS report on Nigeria’s real estate in March this year, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) revealed that the value of investment in the Nigerian real estate sector was expected to rise by 4 percent to USD13.65 billion by the turn of 2016, up from its current value of US$9.19 billion.

Originally published in Business Day

Yes You Can

We will always have to make decisions. At every point of decision making, there are often two voices, one will be positive and the other negative. One tells you to reach for your goals, face the challenge without fear, but then the other discourages you and instills doubt in you.

Whether family goals, career success, or personal goals, everyone must have had to pursue something at one time or the other. Even for tasks as little as setting out to a physical destination, you have exhibited some sort of determination. If you have a flat tyre while on your way, it is only natural for you to find a solution in order to continue your journey. So should the willpower to achieve any goal be.

Determination is the positive emotion that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. According to Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan, self-determination theory is the theory of motivation. This theory addresses important issues such as human needs, values, intrinsic motivation, development, goals, education, healthcare, relationships, organizations etc.

To achieve a goal, you have to pursue with energy and focus but the factors below hinder us sometimes:

  • Obstacles
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Procrastination
  • Isolation

Although all that has been listed above can deter progress, we are the true agents and determinants of our realization. On how to be determined, these few tips highlighted below are crucial.

  • Know what you want
  • Be Focused
  • Take Action Now
  • Be Persistent, Don’t give up
  • Choose Courage over Fear
  • Be Optimistic, Surround yourself with positive minded people
  • Be Deeply Committed

Determination is a mindset, a skill that could get better with practice.

  • Make that call
  • Start that business
  • Enroll for that training
  • Open that account
  • Take the risk
  • Write that book
  • Have a plan
  • Start saving

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
― Beverly Sills

Apartments for rent in Ikoyi

Apartments for Rent in Ikoyi, Lagos

We have World-class apartments for rent in Ikoyi. A home is more than a pecuniary asset, it’s a place you must love, be comfortable and always want to go back to. Cozy, decent, elegant and presentable are some of the adjectives that describe such an apartment.

Our newly- refurbished Caterer’s Court apartments for rent in Ikoyi is all that and even more. Sited on Onitona Street, Ikoyi, it comprises of 30 apartments arranged in 6 adjoining blocks of 5 apartments each.


1 Large Living plus Dining Room

3 – Bedrooms (all en-suite)


1 Maid’s room in Boys’ Quarters for each flat

24 hours generator power supply

Swimming pool

24 hour security Intercom entry.

Caterer’s Court  is less than three minutes’ walk from  Ikoyi Club 1938.

For more information

Call:  08038335722, 08033199436 or +234 1 631 0480-2



 IMG_2480 IMG_2470IMG_2489



The Mall of Malls is Coming to Town

There’s no doubt that retail business is a very promising sector in the real estate industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Nigeria, and mixed-use developments will be at the center of it all.

Blending a combination of commercial, social, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, while providing connections is becoming more and more vital by the day. This is believed to be the future of real estate industry.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was recently rebased to $510 billion for 2013, thereby becoming the largest economy in Africa. The real estate sector contributed 8.01 percent to the economy equivalent to N6.43 trillion ($40.9 billion). As growth increases, the middle class ­­­surges and their purchasing power also increases, creating more demand; hence a huge supply gap in that segment.

With all these in mind and based on the belief that development has to be the centerpoint of the real estate cycle , Afriland Properties Plc. together with Lagos State Development Property Corporation (LSDPC) in 2013 entered into a joint venture arrangement to redevelop the iconic Falomo Shopping Complex in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Sited in the historical Falomo environs, a former fishing village built on Swampy land as far back as the 1940s, the new Falomo Mall is being redeveloped into a world class shopping mall and office complex that will serve the needs of the growing demand in Lagos State and beyond.

Afriland Properties Plc. is a foremost Property Development and Management Company with diverse experience, dedication and excellence in construction. The Company aims at creating long term value for all stakeholders and also deliver world-class developments by leveraging global best practices, strategic partnerships, excellence, and innovation.

For more information or enquiries, please send a mail to


7 Ways To Earn The World Currency; Trust

Have you ever trusted someone so much that you are almost certain what the person will do, say, where they will go and not go or how they will deliver on a particular task?

Have you ever requested someone’s services over and over again, not even interested in how others offer the same service? If your answer is yes, how did this come to be, did it happen overnight or was it a process?

If trust truly and really means the reliance of one on another’s integrity, strength and ability, then it is an intangible element that may come with tangible benefits. This is because anyone who trusts, will eventually entrust.

Trust is what will make a mother drop off her child at the creche in the morning, hoping to pick him/her up later in the evening. Make you transfer your money over boarders through a bank, believing the recipient will receive it.

Trust is the foundational principle that holds all relationships, a major determinant factor if it will be a good or bad one.

Whether in personal activities, business or family relationships, trust has become a pivot on which excellence will thrive.

Here are a few tips on how to build trust:

1. Be reliable

Don’t say something and the next minute say another. Be consistent and dependable. This way, people will always take your word for it without having to authenticate.

For instance, if you schedule an appointment, make sure you arrive on time and also communicate early enough if running late.

2. Listen more

Don’t just listen to what’s being said, listen to what’s not being said. Pay attention to people’s pains, concerns and worries. This has a way of ensuring the other party that you care.

Someone once said ‘most people do not listen with the intent to understand but to reply. You don’t have to say anything if really there’s nothing to say.

3. Let your Yes be Yes and No be No

 Be firm. Don’t follow the crowd against your beliefs and principles.

4. Go the extra mile

 Always improve on the last assistance you offered someone. Work on people’s briefs like it’s yours and deliver even beyond your promises.

5. Tell the truth always

 If Bo Bennett’s quote expressed thus; “for every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth” is anything to go by, then there’s no such thing ‘as a good lie’.

Always tell the truth even if it will hurt.

6. Be competent: 

Study to show yourself approved. Leave no table unturned. Deliver on the tasks assigned, don’t just deliver, deliver excellently. If you have challenges and won’t meet timelines, make it known on time and find ways around it.

Never leave tasks half way done. People will always come to you if they need things to be done.

7. Once you earn it, don’t lose it

Building trust is a continuous process and that’s why when you lose it, you will have to start all over again. So why lose it?

Don’t throw it to the wind. Rebuilding that trust can be a ‘Mission Impossible’.

Your Dream Home is Within Your Pocket – The Rental Edition

Human beings have always had and will always have needs. Of all these needs, the physiological ones are thought to be the most important and shelter is one of them.

We either buy or rent properties in order to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. In many parts of the world, renting is still the most viable option for so many people who are still saving to buy land or a property outright.

Renting an apartment in Nigeria, especially urban areas, can be quite challenging. First, for availability due to taste and standards. Secondly and most importantly due to high price tags.

Afriland Properties Plc. habitually conducts research to determine how much you should budget for apartments in the following locations.


Renting a Two Bedroom Flat

Budget of N300, 000- N5, 000,000 per annum

If you don’t like to spend eye-watering amounts on renting a property but still seek comfort, safety and a nice environment, areas that could be of interest to you are:


When budgeting for Lagos, one must adjust budgets in accordance with the often premium price tags attached to these densely populated and highly sought after cities.



N500, 000- N2,000 000

Close to Berger on Lagos mainland, Magodo is a vibrant area. Some parts of the town, such as Magodo G.R.A offer a luxurious living environment.



N160, 000- N350, 000

Ikorodu is an expanding industrial and residential area on the outskirts of Lagos, sharing a border with Ogun State. Bustling with a lagoon shoreline, it’s further out from some of the main commercial and residential locations of Lagos, but still a viable option for many.



N450, 000- N1, 100,000

Gbagada is an increasingly upwardly mobile area with a collection of young professionals opting to live in the area for its cost effectiveness and proximity to the commercial hubs of the city. On the higher end of the scale is Gbagada G.R.A, with its premium homes and gated estates.



N650, 000-N5, 000,000

Located on the island, Lekki is vast when it comes to cost and indeed quality. Phase 1 is the top end of the budget and is valued as a residential hub full of shops, salons and restaurants that are easily accessed. Further down Lekki, towards Ajah, in areas such as Agungi, properties typically cost less than other parts of the island, thus helping your funds stretch further.


Budget of N1, 500,000-20,000,000

For those with more to spend and are seeking high-end offerings, the following areas are arguably considered the most deluxe in Nigeria.



N1,500,000 – N14,250,000

From Obalende to Banana Island, Ikoyi is another Island location that has a vast price gap when it comes to rental properties. If you’re not fortunate enough to stumble upon bargain prime real-estate (which can happen in Ikoyi on the odd occasion), be prepared to pay a pretty penny for what is considered the most elite address in the country, and in fact, highly ranked across Africa.


Victoria Island

N1,500,000 – N16,800,000


Victoria Island is the commercial epicenter of Lagos, home to every major bank and densely populated with corporate firms, hotels, restaurants and bars. A property here really is at the center of it all.


Lekki Phase 1

N650,000 – N5,000,000

Potentially the most residential friendly location in Lagos, Lekki dwellers have an array of convenience stores, eateries, hair salons and mini shopping malls to choose from. For its conveniences, the fact is it lies on sand-filled water and its celebrity inhabitants prices are on the higher side. Some areas are prone to flooding too.


Lagos, Ikeja GRA


A former Government Residential Area, Ikeja GRA still boasts an air of refinement and based on the often picturesque, leafy streets and well-built roads, Ikeja GRA can undoubtedly be viewed as one of the nicest parts of the country.



N800,000 – N6,750,000

Another high end part of the country, where the Presidential villa and most government houses are based. Asokoro is a quiet and serene neighbourhood with easy access into the city’s commercial centre.


Abuja, Wuse II
N600,000 – N6,750,000

Wuse II is a leafy suburban, yet central part of Abuja, filled with amenities that make convenience unquestionable. Abuja is vast and for those on the outskirts, a commute can be lengthy and contrary to popular belief- traffic filled during rush hour. For areas such as Wuse, Garki and Asokoro, proximity is key.


*We have based our write up on average rental prices in these areas, using a 2 bedroom apartment.

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