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Discussing Teamwork with Uzo Oshogwe, MD/CEO, Afriland Properties Plc.

What is Teamwork?

Beyond functioning successfully as an individual, people have to work together to reach certain heights. A team is a group or number of persons aiming for a common goal. So, teamwork is when they work together. It’s a coordinated and cooperative efforts of a group in the interest of a common cause.

What is the role of teamwork in achieving organizational success?

An organization is only as strong and successful as its combined parts. Teamwork is absolutely fundamental for teams to work effectively and teams have to work effectively for an organization to excel.

What makes a good team?

A good team is made up of willing and focused individuals who realize and identify with the fact that no Man is an island. And that smart work is as important as hard work. A good team must be focused and agree. Though disagreements and criticisms are unavoidable sometimes, the must be constructive and be for the greater good of the organization.

Also, good morale, communication, trust, commitment and willingness of all team members to see themselves not as competitors but as team players are also qualities of a good team.

What is the relationship between leadership and teams?

Good leadership is vital for teamwork and achievements. A good leader recognizes the importance of a supportive team, as well as its individuals; motivates all stakeholders, including customers and other organizational players, as well as management, directors or owners; sets smart, realistic, well-defined and well-planned goals; creates an environment of mutual respect and trust; and engages and motivates all team members.

How would you define team building?

This are basically activities that aim at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions within a group or an organization.

This improves communication and strengthens relationships. It’s one of the most effective ways to unite a group, maximize strengths and work on weaknesses. Get together, games and logic puzzle etc. are some team building activities.

Can a team work together and still fail?

Though this is rare, it is very possible. So many factors have to be put into consideration for projects to succeed. Some of the factors responsible for failure include lack of defined goals, fear of failure, poor time management and poor role clarity.

When this happens, what’s the next step to take?

First, no blame game. This doesn’t mean individuals involved should not own up and take responsibility. The situation has to be reassessed and readdressed.

You have to investigate and carefully note the possible reasons for the failure. When this is done, steps to correct or avoid a reoccurrence include trainings and seminars.

How can we identify team players?

Team players are always willing to work with others, they take responsibility and are also eager to help other individuals out on particular tasks. They are also ready to disseminate information and share knowledge.

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