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How to Move to a New Home

The decision to change apartments, especially rented ones, is often unavoidable due to changes in household size, needs, desires and even taste. For instance, just a few years back, your apartment might have been all you wished for but now that you are married, you need more space.

Your neighborhood is also another reason you might want to move. It may have been a quiet one when you moved in but ever since lifestyle and event centers came in, you just can bear the privacy breach and the noise that comes with it. You just keep saying to yourself, I need to move!

We understand that moving is one of the biggest household tasks so here are some heads up for you if you’d really like to do that:

Set a Budget

After you’ve decided you want to move and have gotten a new home, the next step is to set up a moving budget. It’s an important step to keep you on track financially and to know how much your move will end up costing you. It’s almost unbelievable how small items you need to replace would add up and cost you quite a lot, so you need to be aware and prepared.

Organize early 

When planning to move, it is very easy or convenient to push things to the last minute. Try as much as possible to avoid that. Ideally, you should have a countdown list and at least a 30-day plan.

Chances are you will remember tasks randomly and it’s advisable to include them in your already prepared list.

Plan your move strategy

Mobility is one of the most important tasks when moving. How do you intend to get to point B from point A? Are you hiring a truck for the day or asking friends who have cars to help move your stuff?

So basically this must have been thought through way before the day you intend to move and cost also factored in.

Purge during this process

It is easier to purge and get rid of items you don’t need when moving.  You can organize a garage sale to sell off some of these items to neighbors or display for passersby who may be interested. That way, you won’t be taking household items you really do not need to your new home. You could also donate clothes to orphanage or charity.

Take inventory

Things go missing when moving from one home to another. You might have to take inventory, especially if you are hiring a company or truck to move your things.

Have a record of every single item loaded into the truck and remember to tick them off when offloading. For example, you may note the number of boxes and the specific items or content of each box.


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