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How to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a dangerous habit with severe consequences. Excellence and procrastination are two parallel lines that won’t meet, each fighting for a different course. Characterized by slow response to actions borne out of apathy, lack of passion and laziness, often leading to demotivation, it is safe to say it is the real thief of time.

Procrastination comes at a cost.  From losing time, to blowing opportunities and not meeting targets, the costs are numerous. To have a successful career and even thrive in business, you will have to overcome procrastination.

Here are 5 tips on how to overcome procrastination:

Admit it

Be honest with yourself. If you are unwilling to carry out assignments, extending timelines unnecessarily, ignoring important tasks and setting new start dates for no good reason, leaving an item on your to-do list for too long, then you might be guilty of this.

Admitting to being guilty of this does not make you a failure. It does not also mean you will not make better decisions henceforth and in the future. It is the first step to overcoming procrastination.

Commit to the task at hand

Stay committed. If there is work to be done, then get to it. As a go-getter, you have to walk in that consciousness. You have no business wasting precious time on unproductive activities when you have an assignment. At the end of the day, your task will still be left undone.

Don’t stop until you get it done. Rest if you must but don’t stop.

Make the right choice

Inactivity can lead to procrastination, so choose to be active. Procrastination is also a choice. This means you can choose not to procrastinate. The earlier you start, the sooner you finish, the later you start, the longer it takes to complete your task.


Treat the most important tasks as the most important. It is not enough to make a to-do list, your tasks must be in order of their importance, from the most to the least. Once you have done this, stick to it. Your priority might change for a good reason as your day unfolds, embrace this but always go back to tick off your list.

Keep your eye on the goal

Distractions also lead to procrastination, so you can’t afford to be distracted. Sometimes we get so distracted and forget what we ought to do, only to receive a reminder and realize we are out of time.  Keeping your eyes on the goal will keep you focused.

There is something you are trying to achieve in the first place. If you can successfully run with this vision in mind, then you will overcome procrastination because all you want to do is deliver.

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