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Office Etiquette: Do It Right

You forget to put your phone on vibrate mode, and unexpectedly “Ojuelegba Remix” is blaring through the conference room. You order chicken wings for lunch, unaware that tables away, your co-workers are muzzling from the smell.

As we grow older, we become more aware of our environment.  Over time, our values and principles change, so does what the society expects of us.

Office etiquettes can be likened to dinnertime rules while growing up: Napkin on your lap, elbows off the table! Etc. I’m sure that sounds familiar.

It is about conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in the office or workplace. This speaks volumes.

Why is Office Etiquette so Important?

How you present yourself does not just affect your reputation but also your company’s image.  Some of the advantages of office etiquette are: Improved Workplace Relations, Image Enhancement, Good Rapport among Employees and Business Growth.

Some etiquette tips:


Sometimes, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Be polite. Don’t yell and scream at others. Compassion and empathy will serve you much better to earn respect.

Don’t be loud or aggressive.


Don’t be late for meetings. If you’re running late, notify other attendees or the organizer on time.

Put your cell phone on vibrate mode in order not to disturb others.

Pay attention during meetings and avoid multi-tasking, such as scrolling through emails on your smart phone or computer.


Be professional when sending mails. Official emails should not be treated like personal ones.

Return phone calls and emails on time – even if only to say that you will provide requested information at a later date.

Always stick to your company’s brand guidelines. (Fonts, size, colors. Etc.)

Work Place

Keep your space professional and neat.

Don’t violate your dress code.

Respect other people’s space. Don’t just walk in; knock or make your presence gently known.

Don’t interrupt people on the phone, and don’t try to communicate with them verbally or with sign language. You could damage an important phone call.

Although the list is endless, these fundamental tips could guarantee a good impression and help build a good image.

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