Project Management

Afriland Properties believes that effective project management is the key to project success. As industry experts, we provide strategic project management solutions that lower costs and time spent, without sacrificing high quality.

Our comprehensive services cover building, civil engineering, environmental engineering, process, and other construction projects.

We take a flexible approach, blending high-level skills and deep professional resources in order to bring projects to completion by focusing on five principal factors: time, quality, flexibility, cost and risk.

  • Time: project processes and economics are inextricably time-related.
  • Quality: defining and achieving quality goals is a key measure of project success.
  • Flexibility: we adapt to changing circumstances and keep projects on track regardless of challenges
  • Cost: we keep a strict eye on costs, knowing that budget drift is the kiss of death for project success and client satisfaction.
  • Risk: we identify, quantify, and manage risk in order to avoid it wherever possible.

Our project management services are tailored to each client’s needs and capabilities, and range from providing specialized assistance to in-house teams to taking full responsibility for management of the entire project life-cycle.

Proposed 200 units of high-end, serviced apartments, ranging from one-bedroom to 
four-bedroomsluxory flat Aluxory flat BProposed Transcorp Hilton Multipurpose Banquet Centre, AbujaBanq AProposed 250 room Transcorp Hilton Hotel. Located in Ikoyi, Lagos.Hilton Ikoyi A