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Time Management is a Skill You Must Acquire

Keeping to time is more than punctuality, it is focus. Many people have given ‘time’ their own synonyms, not because those are the lexicon meanings but because time indeed is limited and irreversible. For example, time is money, time is everything, etc.

Effective time management will earn you more respect, and you will be taken more seriously. For instance, if you arrive late for an interview, you are already at a disadvantage. Whether you like it or not, the interviewer will have a bad impression about you.

Lateness is almost like a disease. Can we expect punctuality from others if we are consistently late or would we like to be kept waiting just like we keep others waiting?

These days, 24 hours is hardly enough. Sometimes you just wish you can have extra hours to fulfill your tasks. There are times you are so busy you even forget to eat and you just notice you don’t get to do all that you’ve set out to do for the day.

Time management helps you achieve more with less effort and like every other skill, it can be acquired. It is more about results than activities.

Below are some tips.

Keep a To-Do list, give timelines and follow through

As cliche as this sounds, it is still a key to effective time management. This way you can be in control and even have a record of what you have done and what is yet to be done.


Being efficient may not necessarily mean effectiveness. Some deliverables will be more important and pressing than the others.

­­So much energy and time can be dedicated to unimportant tasks that will end up yielding nothing.  It is always better to concentrate more on the important tasks.


You will achieve more if you plan. Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote expressed thus “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” focuses on smart work rather than hard work.

Don’t Procrastinate

No matter how tempting it is, don’t do it. “Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today”.

Recap your activities for the day

One of the fastest ways to learn from mistakes and improve is to recap past activates and results. You need to do this daily.

Get up to 7 to 8 hours sleep every night

An extra hour of sleep can make a lot of difference. It can improve general health, daily productivity and reduce stress. A good night sleep leaves you refreshed and energetic for the day’s errands.

Inability to manage your time effectively can cost you a lot. From poor reputation, to hindered career, missed deadlines, unproductive work flow, poor work quality and the list is endless.

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