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Where Did Time Go?

You must have set a goal for yourself at one time or the other. Like lots of people, maybe you started out doing great, but then lost some of that drive and had trouble getting inspired again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Every year comes with its own wishes, plans and expectations. As we approach the end of the year, we flash back on the goals we have set. Sometimes we get so busy and 24 hours a day doesn’t seem to be enough. The question is, busy doing what?

So why do we have high expectations at the beginning of the year but then lost hopes towards the end? We all know time flies but why are we still dazed at the flight of time? Statistics have shown that only 8 % actually succeed in achieving their resolutions and year plans.

It is not over. With 31 days/ 744 hours/ 44,640 minutes to the end of the year, below are some tips that could still help you to end the year feeling fulfilled:

Was there an initial plan? Review it
Sometimes you achieve some goals without even realizing it. What are the biggest wins, loses, surprises and achievements? You need to go back to the books and see how close or far you are from the goal. After doing this, list out what is outstanding.

Write a 31 Day Plan
Try and make this in line with your outstanding goals in 1, if possible.

Set timelines
A goal without a timeline is just a dream. You need to set timelines and review daily. Where a set target fails, quickly restructure and follow through.

Don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today
In this new plan, procrastination is not an option. You have limited time and so every minute counts.

Don’t be scared to have a plan for the coming year
If you struggled to achieve your goals in 2015, don’t let that prevent you from creating a new plan for 2016. Be specific about your goals and stick to it.

It’s not too late to make that investment, buy that land, build that house, enroll for and write that exam, write that book, sing that song, become a shareholder, meet your target, approach that Mentor, take that course, and so much more.