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The Zero Talent Series: Work Ethics

“Kobe’s professional trainer was fast asleep. Could you blame him? It was 3:30 am in the morning. All a sudden his phone starts ringing. It’s Kobe. He must be in trouble, or in some kind of emergency. His trainer is freaking out, and nervously picks up the phone.

Kobe says that he’s doing some conditioning work and could use his trainer’s help. The trainer then proceeds to get ready and head over to the gym. He arrives around 4:30 am. What did he see? He saw Kobe by himself practicing. Drenched in sweat, it looked like he just jumped in a pool. It wasn’t even 5am in the morning yet”.

The second leadership characteristic on our zero talent list is work ethic.

Work ethic is a value based on hard work and diligence. A strong work ethic is vital to achieving goals. Work ethics is a set of moral principles which includes: personal integrity, honesty, truthfulness, a sense of responsibility, emphasis on quality, discipline, and teamwork.

Work ethics isn’t just how we feel about our jobs, career or vocation, but also how one does the job or takes responsibility. This involves conduct, attitude, behavior, respect, communication, integrity, accountability and interaction; how one gets along with others.

Essentially, work ethics break down to what one does or would do in a particular situation.

How to build strong work ethics

Work hard

Focus on your work and minimize distractions

Set deadlines and try as much as possible to meet them

Evaluate your work daily

Embrace responsibility

Resist procrastination

Practice self-discipline, you don’t need to be micro managed

Understand how your work speed may vary and take advantage of that

Maintain a good work-life balance

Choose your peers with care

Improve daily by trying new ways.

Conclusively, developing good work ethics can be critical to productivity and success.

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