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The Zero Talent Series

It is factual that some people have a higher propensity for somethings over others. Have you ever wondered  what natural aptitude you possess? You might have even concluded you have none. Everyone has somewhat of talent, though it may be hidden and might take a while to discover. However, that’s a topic for another day.

I came across a meme, ‘10 Things That Require Zero Talent’ a while ago on a social media site and thought I’d share.  It listed powerful skills that will have huge impact on your career and personal life but do not require talent nor training.

If these 10 simple leadership characteristics will be put to use and made a part of our daily lives, we would be more successful, almost overnight.

We will be educating ourselves with a series called ‘The Zero Talent Series’ and first on our list is:

Being on Time.

One of the most reliable ways to earn trust and respect is to be religious about being on time. Honoring our words through action. It really doesn’t matter the nature of your engagement or meeting, just be on time.

Always factor in reasonable travel time and have a definite take off time.

Tom had this problem of getting up late in the morning and was always late for work. His boss was mad at him and threatened to fire him if he didn’t do something about it. So Tom went to his doctor who gave him a pill and told him to take it before he went to bed. Tom slept well and in fact beat the alarm in the morning by almost two hours. He had a leisurely breakfast and drove cheerfully to work.

“Boss”, he said,” The pill actually worked!”

“That’s all fine” said the boss,” But where were you yesterday?

Lesson: Punctuality requires a conscious effort. This increases effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.


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