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3 Basic Fashion Commandments for Women

Earlier in the year we released the 7 fashion commandments for Men in one of the editions of APP-Digest and so this time we have decided to bring you the female version.

One of the first things we decide in the morning or even a night before is what and what not to wear. Now, unlike men who often seem not to be bothered about what they wear or how they look, women are full of glamour and style and so the case is different. The hairdo, current fashion trends, make up, matching accessories and much more. They’d naturally worry about these things before they worry about what to eat.  Wink wink

If you have ever wondered or thought about some fashion rules for women, then this is the right article for you. Just scroll while we unravel the 3 basic fashion commandment for women

Be Comfortable

There’s no bigger fashion faux pas than wearing what won’t make you feel smart, active or makes you feel uncomfortable. Your outfits should help bring out the best version of you. That version should be one that isn’t bothered about zips ready to rip open from overly tight pants or some neck pain from a halter top just because it eats into the top of your spine.

Don’t wear a 7 inches high heel when you can barely walk and would probably break a leg before you even step out of your door. Be comfortable.

Do not mismatch accessories

Though a lot of women focus on the clothing itself, accessories are equally important and significant than you think. Having said that, there are specific accessory types for specific occasions. This means you can wear the same outfit but different accessories for different occasions and the looks would be totally apart.

When choosing accessories to match your outfit, always consider the color, size and style of the pieces, and keep the occasion in mind!

If it does not fit perfectly, don’t wear it

Even if it’s the trendiest and most expensive outfit in the world right now, if it does not fit perfectly or it’s not your size, there’s no point. Always make sure it’s your size and wear it with confidence.

A little tip: If there’s puckering or wrinkling in the front panel, the pants are too tight. And if there’s billowing and fabric that doesn’t lie flat, often when you sit down, the pants are too big.




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