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Plan on to register Abuja houses underway

A system called Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRIN) will be used to take record of all buildings in Abuja.National coordinator of BRISN Tajudeen Kareem announced this Wednesday in Abuja at a roundtable.

Kareem said, “BRISIN will register all houses in Abuja. Every house has an owner. If your building stands for a year, you pay tax.” Head of BRISIN implementation committee, Dr Anthony Uwa said BRISIN will link up with government offices to generate data from ward level to help government execute its economic policies.

Uwa said the seeming lack of credible data has led to poor economic policies and multiple registration of persons.
BRISIN is a platform that uses electronic process for generating and transmitting data for economic use. It starts in Abuja as a pilot.

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