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Signs your building is on the verge of collapse

A building may collapse for many reasons. In Nigeria, structural failure is the most common cause and we have had incessant news and reports of collapsed buildings recently. Ofcourse, the general conclusion is that the construction team was made up of quacks. It’s more shocking when you realize some of these buildings were constructed by reputable companies.

Buildings collapse when overstressed construction reaches a critical stress level and it is often atrocious, leading to lose of lives and properties. However, the truth is the signs are always there, but sometimes we choose to ignore. Noticing these signs early would not only save lives but also offer a chance to correct and maybe save the property.

This also comes in handy if you would like to purchase a home.

Simply look out for these early signs:

‘Crack Crack Crack’ in the Wall

When there is a major crack, it means the walls are under pressure and are no longer able to support the weight of the roof. That is a major sign right there. Do not ignore it, it may lead to a building collapse.

There are 2 types of cracks: structural and non-structural.

Unusual sounds

Creaking and popping sounds in a building should never be ignored. Those sounds could be a warning of an imminent collapse and should be immediately investigated.

Moving house

This is a red flag!!! When your building is moving, it’s a no brainer, it’s a warning of an impending collapse. This movement does not mean you would find your house distressingly seated miles or plots away from where it is located. It just means, some particular parts of the building shift from their original positions.

Sagging floors and roofs

Sagging floors which is often caused by inadequate support beneath load-bearing walls or heavy room partition walls, is a special sign of building collapse because it often goes unnoticed. You should also pay attention and not ignore once noticed.

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