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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home this Christmas

When some houses shine brighter than the rest and you hear the sound of carol verses alternating with refrain, then you know Christmas is near. There’s something special about this season; the weather gets colder, roads get busier (at least in Lagos), clothes and jewelries leave retail shelves faster than they came in, tunes change on your favorite radio stations and of course, you’d feel it in the air.

One of the ways to get in a festive mood is to make sure your immediate environment reflects this. The living room, bedrooms and kitchen should remind you what season it is.

If you’re thinking of how to get your home ready on a budget, here are simple ways to decorate your home this Christmas.

Christmas Tree

This may sound cliché, but not setting up a well-dressed Christmas tree during Christmas is like not eating chicken on Christmas day. They are such a fun tradition and are automatically capable of changing the atmosphere, instantly giving your home a lift.

When choosing Christmas trees, consider the size, accent and height.

Headroom with stars

Especially when it’s a mix of bright colors of wood, paper or metal stars, who doesn’t love the exciting feeling of looking up at a starry headroom.

With these shiny shapes in various sizes dangling from your ceiling, your living room has never been readier for the holidays.

Candle Lights

Create a lovely lighting effect within your home. Ensure to buy battery powered LED candles for safety reasons.

Jazz up your Porch

When it comes to decorations, a second impression could correct the first. Your porch is like a sneak peak of your home, so you might as well make it striking. To create magic, add planters with mini trees.

Display Christmas Cards

Create a little space for your most beautiful Christmas cards. You could also get creative by using string lights make them look more festive.

Upgrade Your Flowers

Decorating with flowers is one of the simplest ways to transform your home to a Christmas paradise. When it comes to flowers, your colors and arrangements are key. Once you get these right, they burst with festivity.

Some of the perfect flowers are cranberries, white roses, red roses, carnations, lilies and tulips.

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