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Top 3 Construction Trends in 2016

Change is indeed constant. Although combining yesterday’s rules with today’s trends might be a tough task, technology is constantly evolving and changing the landscape of many industries.

The construction industry is rapidly shifting to meet the needs of the modern society. This can be attributed to the urge for smarter homes as well as sensitivity to the effects of global warming.

In construction, the materials used play a vital role in the quality of your end product. It is one of the most important decisions you will have to make.  The doors, electrical systems and equipment, surface finishing, furnishing, metals, carpentry, windows, you just have to be certain on the sustainability of these materials.

As the world moves from the conventional way of building houses but still strives to maintain the same if not a better experience, here are the top 3 construction trends in 2016.

Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels on the roof a building generates free power at no cost. The reason for rise in popularity is quite obvious, the cost of electricity continues to soar. Making it one of the top trends in 2016.

solar panels

Green Buildings

This is also known as green construction or sustainable building. The need for energy efficient and environment friendly processes throughout a building’s life cycle keeps growing;  from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

It also has a low impact on the earth.

Green Building 2

Modular Designs

Modular designs and the use of prefabricated building materials are not new in construction but it is gaining popularity again. It is a faster and smarter method of building and has become hot in the industry.

Modular buildings are usually stronger than conventional constructions because each module is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and craning onto foundations.

modula design 2

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