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Top 5 Homebuyer’s Don’ts

Buying a home is a colossal purchase. Excitements may turn to disappointments at the end of the transaction or even when you finally move in.

Here’s a list of the top 5 don’ts for homebuyers.


Miss the chance to negotiate.

Before the deal closes, you would have so many opportunities to negotiate, take it. After your first set of negotiations based on the value, you may also negotiate for repairs, new paint job, and broken windows. Also, when there are more homes for sale than there are buyers to write offers, you are in a favorable position when it comes to negotiations. Take advantage!

Get attached to the first house you see.

Searching for a home to purchase is like looking out for a car to buy. You might be making preparations for payments when your agent notifies you it has been bought. You’re allowed to be heartbroken but not attached. Move on and make other appointments, hopefully you’d even get better ones compared to the one you missed.

Get cold feet

Buying a house is like a wedding proposal. After going through the whole process and eventually presenting your offer, it’s true you might get a no but it’s also true you might get a yes. Most times, when you get a yes and reality hits, you might get cold feet.  In other words, after making your offer, be ready for a yes and act accordingly.

Skip home inspection.

You may be tempted to skip home inspection due to your busy schedule or other reasons. Don’t do it!  A good home inspection will reveal critical information about the condition of the home you want to purchase and its systems. This makes you the buyer aware of what costs, repairs and maintenance the home may require immediately, and over time.

The probability of regrets and disappointments reduce drastically if you don’t skip inspections and do it professionally. Besides, home inspection is a good negotiation tool.

Give up your home search

The probability of not finding what you want is inevitable. You have to keep in mind the fact that buying a home is a long but rewarding process at the end of the day. Don’t give up.

Another good season to not give up on your search is during the holidays. There is less competition in the real estate market, sellers are more motivated and need the cash, therefore transactions close faster.

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