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Unlock your creativity in 3 steps

We live in the age of creativity!!!It goes without saying that Man was born to create. It would be great to note at this point that creativity is a skill and not a talent. One of the keys to creativity is imagination. Though they are related, there is a huge difference between the two. If these ideas come to you but never come to reality, you are imaginative not creative. To be labelled creative you actually have to create.

You may be one of those who question the need for creativity. Creativity provides fresh insight and a new viewpoint on even the most monotonous elements of your job. It enables you to view challenges and problem-solving as a creative opportunity. In summary, creativity is required for a success in the ecosystem of today’s business world. Talent has very little to do with creativity. Just like every form skill, creativity is learned, practiced and developed! In other words, it requires time, training and effort.

How can you live up to your creativity potential? Unlock with these 3 steps below:

Perceive the world in new ways

Thinking out of the box and trying to make connections between seemingly unrelated singularities will generate fresh ideas.

This is more than just a motivational cliché. It simply encourages you to approach problems and challenges in new, innovative ways; conceptualizing problems differently; and understanding your position in relation to any particular situation in a way you’d never thought of before. Instead of running from challenges, you run towards them and look for opportunities to shine.

There is no Creativity without Knowledge

You just have to be knowledgeable to be creative. You have to seek information; History, science, politics, entertainment, art, business, entrepreneurship, health, economy, education, food and so much more. Know things, be ready to try different ways and take risks. You have to develop the ability to challenge your assumptions and simply ask questions. Be curious about everything. Random and seemingly unrelated ideas could come together to form a new idea, connect the dots and provide a solution when you least expect.

Connect with creative people

Basically, the crowd that you hang out with influences your actions and ultimately the way you think. Connecting with creative people would give you the opportunity to have insights into their creative thinking process and this is very important.

You’d be surprised how simply spending time with them in a variety of creative endeavors will spark your creative juice. You’d be more curious, more open, more optimistic and more interested.

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