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We are a property management, investment and development company offering end-to-end services along the real estate value chain.

Property ManagementProperty DevelopmentFacilities ManagementProject Management
Property Management
Property Management
We understand what our clients need and what our tenants, both prospective and current, are looking for. Our goal is to make sure that we structure service models that meet world-class standards and are tailor-made to your exact requirements. Our Property Management services include:

Focus areas:
  • Optimization of idle properties
  • Lease and rent administration
  • Marketing and sales
  • Strategy and research
  • Advisory services 
  • Agency services
  • Acquisitions
  • Credit checks, reference confirmations and tenant screening
  • Preparation, Review and renewal of leases
  • Collection of deposits and ancillary costs
  • Monthly rental collection and statements
  • Disbursement statements
  • Utility management and reporting
  • Reading of electrical/water sub meters, and the relevant billing
  • Income and expense budgeting
  • Other accounting activities
Property Development
Property Development
From planning to construction, Afriland offers a robust suite of project development and management services, working together with the best in the industry.

Focus areas:
  • Development of project briefs
  • Preparation of outline business case (OBC)
  • Management of procurement processes
  • Appointment of consultants and construction firms
  • Contract negotiation and administration
  • Facilitation of performance bond with contractors
  • Project monitoring and reports
  • Project delivery
Facilities Management
Facilities Management
Afriland designs, manages, and delivers comprehensive services on-site to create an outstanding experience for the people we serve. Afriland's maintained facilities services create clean, welcoming environments that allow your residence, school, hospital, resort, spa, or business run smoothly and efficiently. Our experts help maintain every aspect of your facility, from grounds care and housekeeping to construction, project management, and preventative maintenance.

Afriland operates a quality Management System compliant with the requirements, which ensures that all stages of the work scope including Mechanical and electrical maintenance, Building and Ground maintenance repair and upkeep of building & grounds, Landscaping, Water treatment maintenance, Waste management & Pest Control, Janitorial services, Planning, development & operations management and procurement are controlled and verified to ensure compliance with the client, contractor and statutory requirements. Such controls and verification also extend to vendors and sub-contractors engaged in the execution of this project work scope.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure:
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Facilitate Change Management
  • Acquire Best Practices including Health and Safety Best Practices
  • Improve total cost of ownership

The value we add to the management of our clients’ facilities include, but not limited to the following:
  • Single point of facilities management contact
  • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards
  • Transparent procurement through market independence
  • Transparent procurement through market independence
  • Reduced administration load
  • Utilization of computerized maintenance management systems

We offer and manage the following direct services:

Environmental (Janitorial, Gardening, Pest Control & Waste Management)

Clean and well-maintained buildings and facilities reflect the standards of your entire institution. The Afriland Cleaning System handles all your environmental duties effectively and affordably, keeping your grounds and reputation spotless.

Our Environmental services include, but not limited to:
  • Janitorial routine cleaning
  • Façade cleaning
  • Post - construction and general cleaning
  • Floor polishing and restoration
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Residential cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Landscaping
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Fumigation and general pest control services
  • Waste Management Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, are the lifelines of any building and must be maintained optimally. Our engineers with diverse skills and extensive domain expertise ensure high performance and maintenance of all assets in the building.

Our MEPF Engineering services are:

  • MV/ LV electrical distribution.
  • Detail load calculation
  • Lighting design
  • Electrical power design
  • Emergency lighting design
  • Electrical power distribution and Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Calculation of voltage drop calculations & selection of cable.
  • Fault level calculation.
  • Earthing and Grounding system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Fire protection system.
  • Low Voltage System design includes Telecommunication system, PA system & CCTV Surveillance system and Access Control design
  • General Electrical maintenance

Plumbing Engineering:
  • Hot & Cold-water capacity calculations
  • Sizing & Selection of Calorifiers, Pumps, Water Storage Tanks
  • Pipe sizing for water services
  • Water Services Schematics
  • Water Services Layouts (Plans & Details)
  • Equipment Datasheets for Plumbing Equipment
  • Selection of Insulation for Piping Materials.
  • Preparation of Design Requirement document/ Specification
  • General Plumbing maintenance

HVAC Engineering
  • HVAC Equipment selection
  • Heating & Cooling System Schematic Design
  • Chilled beams system
  • Duct Layout Drawings
  • Panel Room and STP room ventilation
  • Lift well and Stairwell pressurization system
  • Chilled Water Schematic

Civil Engineering
  • General building repair and maintenance
  • Renovations
  • Periodic Paintings
  • Refurbishments
  • Various Civil designs
Project Management
Project Management
We provide strategic project management solutions that lower costs and time spent, without sacrificing quality.
By blending high-level skills and deep professional resources, we bring projects to completion focusing on time, quality, flexibility, cost and risk.

Focus areas:
  • Building Civil engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Process flow automation
  • Value Engineering
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